This week is Stress Awareness Week and here at the Just for Women Centre we hold sessions that study certain methods of how to destress and practice mindfulness as we know looking after our not only ours but everyone’s wellbeing is important. Stress can affect all of us in different ways mentally and physically, but not many individuals know to how relieve from it.

 There are various ways to defeat stress such as:

  • Mindfulness – Take a 15-20-minute walk outside in nature and practice Grounding (discovering your 5 senses sight, smell, taste, touch and sound).
  • Meditate – this can be done in any form for instance in your home you can either sit or lie down (whatever you feel comfortable with) and focus on your senses, your body and mind.
  • Exercise – Again this can be taking short work or joining the gym, swimming or any physical hobby that you are interested in.
  • Be creative – get sketching, doodling or coloring in a book or physically make something if you feel confident!
  • Keep off digital devices – looking at your mobile screens keeps your brain alive but also looking at negative content can lower your mood or self-esteem.

Why practices these methods? The whole reason to learn and be active is to keep our brain stimulated which draws it away from the stress or thoughts that is affecting us in the first place. Another reason is because your brain releases cells called good endorphins. The purpose of these cells are to help with your brain muscles and promote the growth of neuron cells which also helps keeping your brain working and also healthy as we get older. But most importantly it enhances your wellbeing all together! It also boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel more physically and mentally active for the week. Also gaining a healthy balanced diet is essential for our wellbeing and to also to have an outstanding sleep pattern (and avoid looking at mobile screen when in bed). Listening to calm sounds, music and even podcasts is essential when you are trying to relax in your home or even following along an audio book, but make sure it is something you are investing in al you can lose concentration and get distracted. Lighting a scented or wick candle has two beneficials with our sound, smell and sight senses which again sooths our mind , muscles and body.

How do I know if I feel stress or what are the other symptoms?

Although we can notice straight away when we are stressed and can control our actions and emotions but there are other symptoms that can affect us without us even realizing. Some individuals can go to day-to-day basis suffering from certain symptoms from stress but not really acknowledging it. Our brain is an extremely powerful source in our body and one certain thing can affect the whole of our body function.

The effects of stress can be:

  • Physically – Rapid breathing, heart rate, feeling intense, revved up, GI problems, struggling to sleep, appetite change, decreased sexual drive, and increased substance use.
  • Emotionally – Crying, irritable, angry, feeling overwhelmed, withdrawn from friends, feeling hopelessness, unworthy or powerless.
  • Cognitive – Struggling to concentrate, confusing, racing thoughts, shutting down, procrastination and avoidance.

How can we help

Here at the Just for Women Centre we not only provide one to one counselling services but also a big variety of workshops that focus on mental health and wellbeing. All our workshops are hosted by our counsellors that take group classes and either provided group discussions, art and crafts, skills and guidance on our mental health. If you are interested in joining our workshops then please get in contact with us by telephoning 01207 281145 or email us

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