As we have entered the second month of 2023 we still might be feeling stuck when it comes to our self-acceptance. This could be our appearance, lifestyle or where we are in our life. For some they could have set goals before new year and are struggling after January or have the fear of failing to achieve their personal goals that they set for this year. For some that could be facing a big life change for instance going through separation from a relationship or bereavement and feeling lost or even not knowing where they are in their timeline of life. A lot of people struggle to be on their own or have a low self esteem or even just feel conscious about practicing things to do on their own however, over the years a lot of individuals have starting traveling, dining, and even started businesses or organisations on their own. This doesn’t happen over night but with a work of self-accepting and care these obstacles are very much achievable, its all about growing your confidence and once you have accomplished this you can achieve anything.

  • Take up a gratitude journal.
  • Take up a hobby that you enjoy or think of a goal that you can work on for a year and try to accomplish it, this will give you a boost on your self-esteem.
  • Limit your time on social media, avoid comparing yourself to others when it comes to appearance, life timeline or materialistic items/lifestyle.
  • Stop speaking bad about yourself or focusing on your flaws instead concentrate on your strengths, your favorite features and your talents/gifts. You can write these down.
  • Prioritizing yourself – yes start putting yourself FIRST. Especially when it comes to your mental health and wellbeing in general, stop people pleasing, once you grasp the technique of this you will feel like a new person. Prioritizing yourself is not a selfish act remember, to help others you must help yourself first.
  • Let go of the TOXIC people, thoughts or materialistic things (certain feed on social media).

Spending Time by Yourself

Reading the text above may be off putting but the more you practice this the better and more comfortable you will feel which will then lead to confidence and leave you feeling empowered. Obviously, this doesn’t occur over night so try this: start taking little steps by setting small goals each day/week for instance go for a walk, or visit a coffee shop or if you’re feeling really daring attend a restraint alone. Most people will find this uncomfortable however many people have started doing this due to picking up self-care. Even when you are in your own home, cook yourself a meal for yourself and listen to music or even meditate. Getting to know your inner self and listening to your thoughts is a really special method of self-care. Once you accomplish the small tasks that you set try going for bigger goals like going away on your own (holiday) or visit museums or places that you have always wanted to go. As stated at the beginning of this paragraph, the more you do these tasks the easier it gets.

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy? Or even feeling alive? Although you might work full time or part time and own/rent your home and find it difficult to get out or stick to a hobby, try and think what makes you feel calm, relaxed or have enjoyment in your life. For instance, it can be something small like reading, listening to music, journaling, writing, sketching/painting (anything creative). Or even taking up a specific sport like swimming, running, walking/hiking or joining a sports club this would be good for making a new friend group and meeting different people which will help grow your confidence. Practice things that give you joy.  

Start Accepting yourself!

This can be a hard one, but the sooner you start easier it gets. In this generation we are influenced by the media when it comes to physical appearance or even materialistic items or lifestyle. Social media is the biggest con when it comes to this if possible, try to avoid spending too much time on your devices or follow more positive accounts of influencers that advertise self-care/ mental health/ wellness or any form of positivity

Healthy feed = healthy mind set.

Another way is to start focusing on your strengths and unique qualities rather than focusing on imperfections. Remember the media can easily manipulate everyone’s perspective on appearances and lifestyle.

Go for that goal or dream that you always wanted to do

To grow confidence or care make a goal that you have always wanted to achieve even if it is small or the one that has been at the back of your mind for years, just go for it. Again, this will boost your self esteem and pride. You could even join a club or group this way you can meet different people or even enhance a new skill such as learning a musical instrument. Or even if it’s a gradual goal/dream that you have o work on over time at least this can be an achievement you can work towards which will keep you occupied and focused, or even enroll onto a course.

Surround yourself with positivity

Being around positive people or an environment is definitely important. It has a massive effect on your mental health, similar to gaining vitamin D from the sunlight, listening, socializing and surrounding yourself with positivity gives you a healthy boost to your wellbeing, whatever trials or situation we could be facing in the present, past or future. Sometimes even watching or looking at positive feed is good so try to avoid watching programmes that make you feel low or that feel negative like the news, garbage TV or anything else that doesn’t satisfy your interest. Sometimes our attitude or other’s has an impact on our outlook on life, if you have negative thoughts on scenario or trials it makes the progress/journey difficult however if you practice self-care and gain a positive mind set then the process is 100% different and easier to pass.

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