As we approach a new season this can be an opportunity to cleanse, clear and refresh our routine in our daily life. For instance, now that the weather is more bright and clear we can now focus on spending more time outdoors. Spending time outside is very beneficial because we gain vitamin D from the sunlight and air and also it helps making our mind sharper and more focused.

Why is being outdoors good for our wellbeing?

Not only is the air refreshing for our lungs and minds but surrounding yourself in nature whether it could be in your local park, garden, meadow, forest or even in a national park can feel soothing to our mental health. It is known that spending an average of 15-30 minutes outside can boost your mental and physical health rather than being stuck indoors. You don’t have to exercise to use an excuse to spend time outside however you can meditate or practice mindfulness (5 senses) this is another strategy to focus on your mind and body when going under stress or anxiety. A second strategy is gardening, gardening has been popular after lockdown which gave induvial opportunist to work on home projects and the majority has been gardening. Not only gardening can gain you a new hobby but it is also known to keep you physically for fit and mentally healthy due to spending time with plants, nature (bees, butterfly’s etc.) which gives you a perspective and admiration on life itself.

Being outdoors also encourages you to be present, during the winter we tend to stay outdoors and spend more time indoors and get a bit too comfortable in our own space which then can lead to thoughts. Although there isn’t anything wrong detaching from reality however, we can worry or get too in sync with the past or the future which then can lead to stress or anxiety or depression (SAD Syndrome). This is actually a common disorder that most people have in this day especially when the darker evenings approach and stay for a while.

By getting more active and spending time outside it cleanses your mind and perspective on upcoming tasks. Although we have discussed 5 senses in our previous posts there are also other tactics you can practice whilst being outside such as:

  • Being Curious | This means be thankful while exploring a park or forest, take note of nature such as the wildlife and plants, flowers, nuts, leaves, nests, tress, river or streams. You can take pictures aswell from your phone which will then create a new hobby, this is called having perspective.
  • Bring Nature Indoors | For those that struggle or have difficulty to have access to be outside you can bring nature into your home or workplace by purchasing indoor plants/flowers. This is very beneficial as these cleanses the air in the space of your home. Looking at plants/flowers is satisfying
  • Improves Our Mood | When we feel low and lack sunlight or air it makes us feel weary or unmotivated so be spending time outside it can uplift our mood, this is due to the air that refreshes our mind and breathing.

                                     What is coming up for the JFW Centre

Living North – May at Gosforth Racecourse

In May we will be hosting our own table at Living North which will be held at Gosforth Race course/hotel. After the JFW team had a very successful Christmas Market and have created wonderful new stock (animal/pet prints) ready for the Spring market since it is a new season and shoppers will want a new theme in their homes. The team will be presenting their spring stock along with their new products to present to ongoing shoppers.

The event will be held on the 19th – 21st of May 2023.

To purchase your ticket please click the link – Living North – Living North LIVE Spring Fair – North East Tickets and Dates 2023 (

Warm Space Project – Thorneyholme Tea Room

The centre was giving a funding from Durham Community Foundation to host Warm Space Project at their Tea Room for 20 weeks which is be held every Wednesday from 12noon to 2.00pm serving free sup and bun for those that visit them times. The project was a big success throughout each week where customers would visit the tea room to eat in and take out whilst some were on their breaks at their work. Since the project was getting popular each week through advertising on social platforms and Google Business/SEO, the Tea Room got awarded a virtual certificate from which they were nominated for café to visit in the region. Since then, the Project times have now been extended from 11am to 3pm as the tea room got extremely busy after word got out and spread through other business and organisations.

Thorneyholme Tea Room & Giftshop | Facebook

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