Counselling session with two women. Developing emotional resilience

Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt to stressful situations, and cope with life’s ups and downs. Resilience does not eliminate stress or erase life’s difficulties, but allows you to tackle or accept problems, live through adversity and move on with life.

Steps that can help to develop your emotional resilience:

Set boundaries, practice being more assertive. If those around you are placing unrealistic demands or asking too much of you, practice being able to say no. Practice acceptance. Stress, pain and changes are a part of living. Acknowledge pain, knowing that it comes and goes, and that you can survive by looking after yourself. Connect with others. Spending time with those we love, accepting their support, and speaking to them about things we find difficult can all help to feel more positive, and keep things in perspective. Find balance in your life. We all need to have a balance between routine, necessary and pleasurable tasks.

Developing Emotional Resilience

Biological and social influences make some people seem more ‘naturally’ resilient than others, but the good news is that everyone can take steps to develop greater personal emotional resilience.

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