International Women’s Day 2022 – #BreakTheBias

International Women’s Day 2022 (

Here at the Just or Women Centre we celebrated International Women’s Day by organizing a get together for all our women who not only work and volunteer at the Centre but who attend it also. Here at the Just for Women Centre we value and support every women/girls who walks through our doors that need any form of support and guidance because women who support each other amazing things happen. For some that aren’t aware of what International Women’s Day is, it is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout the years and present. The them of IWD 2022 IS #BreakTheBias which urges us to call out gender and bias equality to “imagine a world free of bias , stereotypes, and discrimination” wow pretty powerful right? For everyone to take part in this years International Women’s Day everyone was encouraged to partake in the break the bias pose where you cross your arms to show solidarity and use the the hashtag #BreakTheBias along with it, these could be used on any social media platform, website or YouTube channel to show support. We also took part by taking our own portraits by doing the the pose (arms crossed In front of chest) along with our logo and the the hashtag in the image to show support along with our women who attend the Centre on a daily basis (see below).

Linda and the directors of the Just for Women Centre along with all the women who attend posing the break the bias pose.

We hosted tea and cakes for any woman that wanted to come down to the Centre to celebrate International Women’s Day also had discussions the campaign, our experience or our stories and also what advice we would give to the younger generation. Weeks before we create a survey and asked the question “What makes you proud of being a woman?”. Anyone could partake in this survey all they had to do was click in the link and type in their answers, we had loads of inspiring and positive responses back and shared our results onto our Facebook for everyone to see and feel uplifted from it. Most of the time women do feel drained, emotionally exhausted and sometimes look on the negatives of our gender for example period pains, menopause or equalize when it comes to appearance. By creating this post we wanted every women to look on the positive part of being a woman and why we are special and unique because after all . . . . we are! We have our own identity, we have accomplished many things through out the years, we create life in our bodies which they adapt during it an dafter. We also have a VOICE, we have the power and courage to speak up, support, and make a difference, we are POWERFUL. If you would like to partake in our survey our link is still live, please click below.

Below are some of our inspiring responses from our survey please feel free to have a read through them.

For next year, we aim to achieve more and accomplish many more goals by not only supporting women in the local area but through out the region and grow our organisations further more. To support us please click the link below to send your donations, w would really appreciate it. Domestic Abuse & Violence Prevention – a Community crowdfunding project in Stanley by Linda Kirk (

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