March – The month of WOMEN, SPRING and new GOALS

Being Outside

We are now approaching a new season which means so long to the darker mornings and nights, the cosey blankets and our heaters on full blast along with our scented candles lit in the dark and hello to bright colorful spring. What comes straight into your mind when you hear the word ‘SPRING’? New life such a farm and wild animals born along with the colorful plants blooming, the lighter evenings and mornings which makes it a lot easier to wake up and feel more motivated or the many events and clear scenery in general? Although in our previous blogs we talked and explored on how to maintain our mental health during winter and how to avoid SAD Syndrome it is also important to take care of our mind and physical health during the spring and summer, by this we could take on a new task or hobby such as exploring different locations like National Park and take in the landscapes, not only this makes us appreciate small things in life but also the fresh air and being outdoors benefit our mindset and also our physical health at times. Remember we also studied the 5 Techniques of Grounding when outside (or indoors) we can still take this up when visiting locations when you’re feeling a bit anxious or low even just to boost your mood and make you feel you have accomplished tasks. We can also take up a strategy called Mindful Walking, this can be practiced alone or in groups with friends, family or even work colleagues. Here at the Just for Women Centre we will be starting our Mindful Walks at the end of March both for women and men which will be hosted by our two counselors that will be held from the Centre. Times and dates will be uploaded onto our Facebook page once announced.

Our Homes

Although spring is not always sunny and bright or even warm on some days, we will get rain or storms so how can we take care of ourselves and our surroundings when inside? One good method is clearing all our autumn/winter accessories such as the cosey blankets and candles and replace them with items such as plants or diffusers. Why do this? Because we tend to not use our heating at home when the weather approves at times it is really important to refresh our homes as this eases any anxiety and stress and also cleanses indoor air which is also good for our health in general. Having plants also give us a purpose in our homes by taking care of them which creates a regular routine (watering then placing them in safe areas) which gives is a satisfaction and gratitude in ourselves. Diffusers are also great for relaxing especially when you can have specific fragrances that help you to relax in your own homes, here at the Just for Women Centre we have just recently brought our very own diffuser with a lemon scent which lasts for hours (literally). If we feel that we need to keep ourselves occupied remember we also have our wellbeing gift set which also proved a wellbeing activity booklet to write down your thoughts and also to help you to understand how to practice certain techniques to help with your anxiety and stresses. Being creative by practicing crafting/knitting also boost our mindset by being focused and having goals to complete our work.

To pre order our personalized diffusers click the links below or telephone or email the Centre 1207 281145 /

International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias

The theme for international Women’s Day 2022 is #BreakTheBias: “imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that is diverse and inclusive.”

A very important event is also happening this month which is International Women’s Day that takes place on the 8th of March and here at the Just for Women Centre we will be celebrating our achievements and our women that not only work at the Centre but also attend and volunteer. We also created a survey to post onto our social platform for every women that follows the JFW Centre or whoever is passing by to take part in by typing in their answers for the question “what makes you proud of being a woman?”. We had some very powerful and inspirational feedback which is presented below, to take part in our survey please click the link.

We asked: What Makes You Proud of Being a Woman?

“I am strong and surrounded by strong women “

“Having the wisdom and life experience to pass down to younger girls in different generations.”

“accepting your body as one that adapts and changes over time.”

“Having strong sense of identity.”

“the many achievements made by women daily.”

“Being a mother Empathy Strong.”

“Because we have a voice in this day and age and stand up for what we believe in and accomplish! (Beyonce tune on set).”

“I’m proud of our gender because in just over 100 years women have changed society and their roles, they have fought battles that seemed impossible and have accomplished many things.”

“Having powerful role models to look up to e.g. Beyonce, Meghan Markle, Princess Diana, Jane Austen, Oprah Winfrey, Joan of Arc . . .. “

How inspiring? like mentioned you can still take part by clicking our link to share your answer on why you are proud of being a woman. Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? because everyone around the world celebrates IWD because it is an opportunity to reflect on the progress towards gender equality and the many accomplishments of women all over the world.

Our Youtube channel –

If you would like to be involved by taking part in International Women’s Day here is a great website that provides information on certain events around the region. –

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