Meet Our Team

Lestryne Tweedy


Lestryne worked as a residential social worker for fourteen years before retiring due to ill-health. She joined Just For Women in January 2011 as a volunteer.

Her work included supporting and counselling women who attended the centre. Being an excellent crafter, Lestryne has passed on her crafting skills to many, many women. She firmly believes crafting as a therapy, capable ofrelaxing both mind and body. Lestryne is a Just For Women director, PTLLS qualified facilitator, as well as a Cree manager, which allows her to extend her support work to vulnerable women in neighbouring communities.

Linda Kirk

Founder / Director

After selling her coffee shop business, Linda Kirk set some money aside to fund a centre in Stanley, County Durham for women. Her dream was to create a safe-haven for women experiencing abuse, mental ill-health and social isolation.

Utilising a lifelong passion for crafting, she harnassed the therapeutic value of creative expression to help those women to transform their lives. Also, using her experience as a social worker and educational facilitator she is able to mentor and motivate women who need direction in their lives. As well as picking up numerous awards for her work, Linda regularly appears on radio and television.

Debbie Rogan


Debbie initially worked as a volunteer with the intention of staying about three months. Suffice to say, her time at the centre was extended several times
and over a twelve month period Debbie completed many courses including PTLLS, Suicide Awareness and Mental Health Awareness. Through her work with women at the centre, she also develoed her own course – “Disappearing Woman” Debbie is now a director at Just For Women, as well as a support worker and Cree Manager for Stanley Men’s Cree & Young Person’s Cree where she works with girls from the local schools.