Craft Therapy Jigsaw


As the colder months set in and the effects of coronavirus still having a profound impact on our daily lives in the UK, crafting is a way many of us are getting through an incredibly difficult time of our lives. Lockdown has forced many of us into isolation and now the Omicron variant is rising, we once again are working from home. Mental Health issues including anxiety, depression and agoraphobia have increased during lockdowns, which means voluntary sector mental health organisations are filling in the gap felt by a National Health Service unable to meet the demand.

Craft therapy has been a lifeline for many. Just For Women have designed our craft therapy kits to allow you to relax and develop resilience to managing stress and improving wellbeing in these uncertain times.  When we relax, we bring a sense of calm to our lives which has many physical, emotional and social benefits which can help us to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. It is through practicing relaxation we can slow down enough to see opportunities and engage in activities which reflect our values.


Jigsaws improve cognition, developing concentration, memory, and problem solving skills. They also increase creativity and productivity.


Relax the body, calm the mind, and bring creative mediation into your home



Why use craft therapy jigsaw?

Jigsaws are used at Just For Women Centre in our creative therapy sessions to improve the mental health of women. Collaborative projects reduce social isolation, but jigsaws can also be a solitary activity to help you unwind and relax. Craft therapy jigsaws are a relaxation technique used to manage stress and improve wellbeing. To read more about tips for managing stress and improving wellbeing click here

Jigsaws are a firm favourite for many during the winter months when the days are colder and evenings darker. As we shelter at home in the warmth, activities like jigsaws are a great way to improve cognition, develop concentration, memory and problem solving skills. To read more about how craft therapy can help defeat SAD, click here.

Why buy craft therapy kits from us?

All profits from this craft therapy kits are reinvested to ensure every women, child and their family has the support, tools and opportunities they need to live safely, gain financial stability and lead enriched lives.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 25 cm


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