Stress Awareness Month & The FSB Awards

Welcome to our April blog where we will be discussing on the topic STRESS. April is Stress Awareness Month where we look at all the different types of stress whether it can be cause by relationships, your wellbeing, financially, your job or worries in general, for the future or from your past. Stress can affect us all in different ways although we can avoid it at times but realistically everyone of us goes through it, but how can we cope when going through stress? First of all, we must identify on what is on our minds that is causing us stress and counter them, this can be done by writing or journaling down our thoughts in a book or a diary. By doing this, this releases stress and also frees our minds and most importantly gives us that satisfaction of offloading and removing a dark cloud over us. Maintaining a regular routine is also healthy for us as it keeps us occupied and gives us a safe zone and a guideline of being organized, this could be scheduling walks, work or home chores, meeting with friends and loved ones or when to take time out from our electronic devices. Consider evaluating your diet, your diet has a big impact not only on your body and health but on your mind. Another way to take control of our minds and stresses is meditating or practicing mindfulness, Meditating has become more popular over the years as it has massive success rate for those who have anxieties or other health problems as it helps ease their minds and thoughts. Practicing breathing techniques is very vital for our mind as air plays a big part to our body and brain that release certain chemicals whilst we are outside or exercising, here is one technique to practice . . .

  1. Either sit or stand somewhere where you feel comfortable and safe, put one hand either on your waist, chest or lap with your posture straight otherwise this won’t work and you will not feel the benefit.
  2. Breath in for through your nose (eyes either closed or open).
  3. Hold for 3-4 seconds.
  4. Then exhale through your mouth for 5-6 seconds.
  5. Repeat this 3 times.

Feel a difference? This is because gaining enough air in a certain pace eases and stimulates our brain that release a certain chemical that changes our mood and outlook on situations. It also gives us a clear view and state of mind of future challenges or events. Sometimes overthinking a situation can lead us to feel anxious or deflated which can effect our day or week, this is a another form of stress when we over analyse things our head. The case is we build in our mind of a scenario of something that we dread in the future which creates anxiety, dread and overthinking but once the event appears and we go through it, it is the total opposite of how it went in our minds which leaves us feeling drained as we build up all those emotions of something that didn’t happen in what we imagined it would plan out to be.

At the Just for Women Centre, we provide Anxiety workshops, Mindful Walking group, craft sessions along with our counselors that do one to ones for those that are going through stress or any form of mental health struggles. In fact, because we have entered a new month, we have brought out brand-new workshops which are based at the Just for Women Centre that are hosted by our counselors/workers which are:

  • Living Your Best Life
  • Women Matters
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Mindful Walking

For more information about these workshops please feel free to email or telephone the Centre – 01207 281145 /

Remember talking helps and Communications is key when you are feeling low or full of stress.

When we are in a deep zone of stress sometimes we have a habit of hiding away in our comfort zone which can be in our homes or a certain room where we feel SAFE. Try doing this, set yourself small targets by going outside and maybe take up a form of exercise (yoga, jogging, walking or cycling), practicing mindfulness or even just meeting up with friends or loved ones help take our mind of certain situations that we are facing in the present.

The FSB Awards

On the 21st of March the Just for Women Team attended the FSB Awards that was held at the Marriot Hotel in Gateshead for Small Business as they were shortlisted for the Supporting the Community award after 11 years of their service. On Monday 21st the Just for Women Team attended the FSB Awards at the Marriot Hotel in Gateshead for Small Business as they were shortlisted for the Supporting the Community award after 11 years of their service. Unfortunately we did not take our award home but went to another deserving organization however this didn’t stop the team from having a brilliant time and networking and learning about other small business and what they have achieved. We are very proud in what we do and continue to do strive and work hard to help support our women and our community and to make a positive difference. WE thank everyone who has not only supported us but followed us from the beginning of our journey and we have grown, expanded and achieved loads since! We are currently live on the AVIVA Community Fund Website, if you would like to donate to us please feel free and click the link.

The Just For Women Team, from the left: Lestryne Tweedy, Linda Kirk (founder of JFW), Liese Weatherspoon, Debbie Rogan, Debbie Ramm and Charlotte Glendinning.
The Ladies on their table inside the ceremony of the FSB Awards in the Marriot Hotel in Gateshead.

Our Tea Room RE-OPENING!


Finally, we are happy to say that our Tea Room and Shop is OPENING! And we cannot wait to see some familiar faces, for some that have just discovered us or followed us at the beginning of the pandemic we had to close our tea room which is based in the Centre for procedure for the safety of the public and our staff, however this did not stop our services that we provide for women that needed our support and guidance. Not only our Tea Room will be available but also our store will be ready for the public to shop in along with our brand-new products that are designed by the Just for Women team like our star products such as our Zen Harmony lemon scented diffuser which last for hours, our Tranquility candle and lotions and also our wellbeing gift set boxes. The Tea Room has also been granted a brand-new makeover as we have a new canopy on the front so customers can not only sit inside but also outside ready for summer.

Although we are quite far off but the Queen’s Jubilee is coming up which we will be hosting an event in our tea room to celebrate her Majesty’s 70 years of service and reign. To follow what we do and to see what upcoming events and products we have, please click the link to sign up for our digital updates through email.

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